Why Choose Revonos?

Revonos offers operations research, management science and analytics expertise to help firms in the upstream and midstream oil and gas industry become more efficient. The best efforts to maintain profitability require the best planning tools. That’s where we come in. Our analytics are easy to apply and provide you the best outcomes. Revonos can implement optimization solutions for your business within your existing operations as is, or we can provide new process components to increase the efficiency of your operations with almost any existing or new operational SaaS application.

How Revonos Can Save You Money

Using our analytics or tools, you will discover opportunities to optimize your upstream and midstream operations ranging from drilling, completions and production to the delivery of products and materials in your supply chain. This allows you to eliminate headaches and better use valuable work hours, all while enjoying cost savings through the realization of these objectives:

• Maximize operational throughput by minimizing direct transportation costs as well as handling and deduction costs • Reduction of losses from deferred production and • Maximize efficiency of personnel through outcome-driven task prioritization.